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from creating living willow hedges in our own garden to weaving living willow domes – I find this age-old craft suitable for so many wonderful situations. 
following a site visit and assessing the suitability of both location and growing conditions, I am happy to take commissions (within a reasonable distance from dover!). 
I have also run successful courses in living willow and gladly tailor these to participants' specific needs – just get in touch and we can have a chat about what you might like!
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Garden structures and 
living willow structures and fences

Willow can be used for many different things in the garden – in its cut form or living.
Living willow structures are planted during the dormant months of the year – from January to April. 

New and wonderful colours, catkins and leaf-shapes can be introduced to your garden by using different varieties of willow.

All prices include preparation of the site, materials and construction, as well as a return visit, one year on, to prune and replace any willow where necessary.

Examples of work:

living willow domes or playhouses from £300
living willow fences and 
garden partitions from £20/m
living willow arbours from £200
living willow tunnels from £60/m